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UNICRI's Magazine F3 - No place for young people


In this very moment there are young people who are leaving home to build a future in the best universities of the world, but there are also young people crossing the desert to join groups of fighters, and young people trying to cross the sea in small boats to escape their harsh circumstances.

No country for young people talks about these journeys, explaining why many youths find the path to grow into their potential and reach full realization. The articles of this issue of F3 Magazine go through wars, violence, and different forms of indoctrination, and discuss what has been done and what remains to be done to meet the expectations of a new generation of citizens of the world. We can prepare or repair youths’ sails to make them able to travel their journey, but when our own societies do not have a direction, when they are violent and unfair, we can not expect the young to stay on course.

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